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What BlackBerry OS versions is LogicMail running on?

As a developer, I constantly have to ask myself this question. LogicMail 1.0.x currently supports 4.0 and 4.1. Most shipping devices run 4.2 or 4.3, the latest version that actually works on most of them is 4.5, and the newest BlackBerry models run 4.6 (Bold) and 4.7 (Storm).

Collecting statistics from the actual application is impossible, since I really don't want LogicMail to ever "phone home." Collecting statistics from the SourceForge download page isn't useful either, since it only offers 4.0 and 4.1. Also, I suspect a large number of people are accidentally downloading the 4.0 build. However, one place I actually can collect statistics from is the OTA download page. Ever since I moved that from SourceForge to my own web server, I gained the ability to do data mining on the log files. Thanks to the User-Agent string on every hit to "LogicMail.jad," I now have some useful numbers:

(Collected between 12-OCT-2008 and 20-NOV-2008)

From this its obvious that very few people still run 4.1, and almost no one runs 4.0. Also, a few Storm users have tried it. I've been considering making 4.2 the minimum version for LogicMail 2.0, and this data validates that thought. Making 4.2 the base version allows me to depend on 4.2-and-up capabilities for some core features, like using the FileConnection APIs for local mail storage. I'm also considering offering additional builds for newer versions that incorporate extra features, such as SVG images and field borders that are now supported in 4.6.

  • Posted: 2008-11-20 18:38
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Translators Wanted

One of the big features of LogicMail 2.0 will be internationalization. That means I'd like the user interface to work in more than just US English. However, I'm personally only fluent in US English, so I'm going to need help with this one. I know I have a lot of users all over the world, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a few of you to help out with this aspect of the project. So what do you need to help?

  • Be familiar with the technical terms used in E-Mail clients between US English and your native language
  • Be able to edit a text file in Unicode
    • Being able to build and run LogicMail in the BlackBerry simulator is also useful, but not strictly necessary
    • If you're curious,  this is the actual file you will need to translate
  • Be willing to revisit your translation as I add features and need more text translated

So if you're interested and willing, please write me at and we'll get started.

  • Posted: 2008-11-04 20:21
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