Automated Builds Back Online!

Yes, that's right. I've finally gotten automated builds working again. This time I've decided to use the  Bitten continuous integration system, which better integrates with  Trac.

It took a lot of frustrating work, spending too much time playing with  Apache Ant build configurations, using  BlackBerry Ant Tools, upgrading the  Python installation on the server, and upgrading  Trac itself for the heck of it, but its now all fully functional!

The links for downloading builds are on the main wiki page as before. The actual build details can be found on the Timeline and Build Status tabs above.

Now some of you are probably eager to go ahead and give it a try. Well, I'll warn you that its still not really ready for production use. At this point, I'd recommend only running it on a  BlackBerry Simulator. If you want to use a real device, I suggest a spare or secondary unit.

To actually track the progress towards 2.0, I've created the LogicMail 2.0 Progress page. I'll eventually scrub out all the relevant tickets, but for now this will serve as a more convenient checklist of sorts.

  • Posted: 2009-01-19 20:00
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