BlackBerry 6 (and build consolidation)

If you follow any of  the  usual  enthusiast and  official websites, its hard to miss what's happened this past week. Amongst all the buzz, they also finally remembered to release an actual  SDK to go along with it.

So what did this mean for LogicMail?

  • I wanted a BlackBerry 6 build, to take immediate advantage of some new APIs:
  • The number of existing LogicMail builds was growing out of control.
    • I already had separate builds for OS 4.2, 4.6, 4.7, and 5.0
    • I also had separate touchscreen builds for 4.7 and 5.0.
    • The first 6.0 device is a hybrid slider, making it unclear what to do

So I started thinking to myself... Why do I actually have separate touchscreen and non-touchscreen builds? What am I actually saving by doing that? Apparently, only about 32kb! In an era where other developers can't figure out how to write a toy app in less than 1M, and I'm only in the 300-400kb range, it seemed silly to fuss over that little memory.

If you now look at the main page of this site, you'll notice that I've done the following:

  • Combined the touchscreen and non-touchscreen builds (which icons or fields to use will now just be decided at runtime)
  • Added an OS 6.0 build, using those new APIs

Of course its best to see screenshots:

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