LogicMail 1.1 Branched

As some of you may have noticed, I now have a second automated build of LogicMail up and running. On the main page, its referred to as the "Maintenance branch," and it reports its version as LogicMail 1.1. By now you may be wondering what this is, and how it relates to LogicMail 1.0.x and LogicMail 2.0 (a.k.a. "trunk" or 1.9). Well, I realized that 2.0 is still a ways away from being ready, and that I was starting to get more contributions for 1.0.x.

The build process for 1.0.x was a bit of a pain, and debugging it was even harder, mainly because it was configured using  this hack for  Netbeans 5.5. Now that RIM actually has a usable  Eclipse plug-in, life has gotten a lot easier.

So, what exactly is the LogicMail 1.1 branch, you may ask? Well, I basically took the 1.0 branch, and did the following:

  • Updated the project structure and build files to closely match 2.0 (trunk)
    • Development is now in Eclipse, with the same setup instructions as for 2.0 (trunk)
    • Simple builds through  Ant is now possible
  • Configured the  Bitten automated build system on this site to build it whenever updated
  • Began backporting the internationalization updates from 2.0 (trunk)

Going forward, the goals for 1.1 are simple:

  • Full internationalization support
  • Integration of any contributed simple features
  • Occasional backport of simple things from 2.0
  • Continued bug fixes
  • Regularly available automated builds, avoiding the need for formal releases
  • Keep everyone happy, while major work continues to target 2.0 (trunk)
  • Posted: 2009-05-03 17:34
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1. sborho@… -- 2009-06-10 11:19

Hi, I just downloaded LogicMail and it configured quite easily. Looks good. One comment / request: Is it possible to make the "Unread" icon yellow? This would make unread mail stand out from the read/replied etc. mail.

Great program. Thanks,