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reply in 1.9.1 (latest build)

Hi, Just being new to this forum, and a relatively new BB user, I stumbled on this tool for e-mail. I have used version 1.1 for a couple of weeks, when I found that you are working on a new version. I have intalled the latest development version for BB OS 5.0 and higher. I found the following, of which I thought to let you know: I received an e-mail the other day, however, replying to this e-mail didn't work. LogicMail will let me compose a message in reply to the received mail, but hitting send, wouldn't send it. Funny though, the Reply All feature does work in similar circumstances. In other words, I have to "reply to all" now when I want to reply to any message.

Just sending messages works like a charm as it did with the previous versions.

Hope this helps you guys, and keep up the good work! LogicMail rocks! Arnoud Roth The Netherlands.

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    Interesting that Reply doesn't work, but Reply-to-all does... Does this behavior happen on all messages, or just certain ones? And if it is just certain ones, what does the set of recipients (To, Cc, etc) on the source message look like?

    I know I've been slacking lately, and I really need to get back in the zone. I think its just that I'm at the point where most of my major to-do items are of the "set a day aside and focus" type, not the "spend an hour in the evening" type.

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      I just tried to reply to your message via my blackberry, but it didn't work. Reply to all worked, except this time, I somehow saw an "Undisclosed Recipients", which wasn't accepted by logicmail. Removing that one from the line of recipients worked out, the message was sent. When I hit reply and type the message and select send, just nothing happens. It doesn't report an error, it just doesn't do anything. HTH. Arnoud

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        You didn't try to reply to my message. You tried to reply to an auto-generated notification e-mail sent by Trac (software running this website). I really need to find some add-on to prevent people from doing that, and/or put a big "don't reply to this automated e-mail" banner in the message template. Too many problems have been caused when people thought an auto-generated notification message was some sort of e-mail from me, and they tried replying to it.

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          I am sorry, Octo! Nevertheless, the problem with the reply persists. The reason I started this discussion was a mail I received from someone, wich sent this particular mail only to me. the only way to reply from LogicMail was to do a "Reply to all". But thanks anyway for the hint.