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Feasable to borrow code?

Would it be feasible to borrow code from another Open Source email client?

Searching for BB email clients lead to LogicMail and: . Am giving their 90 day trial a go and the email client is stated to be some form of Open software ( Only down side is the requirement to use a server and doesn't officially support wifi (still works though). Perhaps it is possible to use bits of the software, or take inspiration from .

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    Could I take inspiration from it? Sure. Can I use code from it? Not exactly. You see, according to the  licensing page, Funambol uses a GPL-derived license. LogicMail uses a BSD-style license. What that essentially means is that Funambol can use LogicMail code, but not the reverse. (unless I change my license)

    I do periodically wonder which is the better license for a project like this. But since I want this project to also be a large library of usable BlackBerry example code, going GPL would make my code unusable by any non-GPL project.

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      Hello I am new and just downloaded logic mail, and I am trying to set it up but I am not getting the setup page instructions because I am not familiar with setting up this type program. My problem is I don't know the information I should put in to set it up, my phone is 8350i blackberry, could someone please send me step by step instructions as to how to do this, please.

      thank you