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Open Link doesn't work for me

Hi everyone,

I dont know what's wrong but inside a mail when I select a link and try to do "open link" nothing happens. It doesnt open any link. I've installed Opera Mini 5.1 and Native Browser.

Any idea ? anything about trusted app or config settings ?


Blackberry Storm 9530 TCP/IP data plan (APN)

Thank you in advance

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    All I can say is "just tested, and it works for me" on my Bold 9700, OS, T-Mobile US.

    Of course it could very well be the trusted-app/permissions stuff, so you might want to check app permissions in the BlackBerry device settings screen.

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      is there any test i can do to test it ? thanks !

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      I think i've found the bug. When i set "Preferred message format" to "HTML" it doesnt work , but if i set to "PLAIN TEXT" works fine.

      Any idea to solve it ?