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Mails on storage card


A few days ago I got my first BB (Bold 9700) and I´m really happy with it. I found your mail application and it sounds interesting for me because with BIS I can´t access my additional mail folders in my IMAP account.

I need to know how your application is saving the emails on the BB: Can I choose wether LogiMail is downloading/caching the whole mailbox or holding nothing as a local copy? If it´s possible to have a whole copy of the mailbox on the BB, does LogicMail use the storage card for the emails and attachments automatically or is there a way to do this?

My IMAP box is around 80-120MB with lots of attachments and the internal storage space of the BB would be nearly full then.

So it would be nice to have the possibility to store a whole mailbox copy on the storage card. The last thread about this ( is already really old...

Regards Christoph

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    Version 1.x does not cache anything.

    Version 2.x (currently known as the development builds, stamped as 1.9.1.x) does do caching on the SD Card. At the moment, it only keeps a cache of the N most recent messages (where N is 30 by default, I think, but is configurable). Also, the cache only contains data you've actually explicitly loaded and/or caused to load. So if you've only looked at the message listing, the cache will only contain message header data. If you've actually loaded a message, then that message will be in the cache.

    If you dig through some of the close 2.0 tickets, you may be able to find some of my notes on what's been implemented thus far.

    More complete and longer-lived cache is one of the next things on my development agenda, actually, in the form of incremental mailbox loading (#211).

    Of course to really keep as much data as you want, I also need to dramatically improve the performance of loading from cache (#213), and make that an incremental process as well.

    There's a lot more to this discussion, but I'd rather give you a brief reply now than nothing at all until I remember to follow up more completely :-)

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      OK, thank you so much for your answer and describing your development! I´m looking forward to the upcoming versions!