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Error when installing

When I try to install LogicMail (1.9) on my Blackberry 8707v (4.2) it seems to go alright but when I check on the phone it says

uncaught exception: module with handle [3268] and index [0] has no application entry point

When I click on the LogicMail icon it just goes to the startup screen with the LogicMail logo and little dots whirring around.

Is there an earlier build that works better with this handset?

Thank you.

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    First of all, that error shouldn't be happening. (and I haven't seen it in a very long time, back when I was getting the build process working correctly) Then again, the oldest model I've personally tested LogicMail 1.9.1.x on is an 8820 running OS 4.2.2.

    That being said, it looks like the 8707v has no local file storage, which the current development version requires. So at this point, you can either use the (now ancient) 1.1 release version, or upgrade to a phone with an SDCard (built-in file storage, which a few select models seem to have)

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      Thank you.

      I'm setting this up for my fiancée so upgrading is not really an option.

      I guess it'll be the version 1.1 for this phone. Are those on the wiki page, because I've tried installing those and they don't go in at all.

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        Yeah, in the section labeled "Maintenance branch".

        As a direct link, should work from the device browser.

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          Thank you.

          Funny, it didn't work yesterday, but did today.

          It looks like a really good system, thank you for producing it.