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Will LogicMail run over WiFi?

Will LogicMail run over WiFi connections? I don't have an internet connection via my phone network supplier. When I try to run LogicMail I get the dreaded Unable to Connect to Server.

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    Yes, its always supported WiFi.

    On version 1.1, you have to manually enable WiFi in the global configuration screen.

    In the development version (1.9.1.x), it should auto-detect WiFi by default.

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      I have turned on WiFi and can browse the sites that hold my mail boxes. I must have something wrong because I can't access any server using IMAP or POP3. I have followed the steps in the setup guide.

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        Within LogicMail itself, you have to go to Configuration -> Global settings. There's an option for WiFi, which can be set to "Disabled", "Prompt", or "Always". This screen isn't mentioned in the setup guide.

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          Thank you. It is now working. A great program.