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2008-01-01: cruisecontrol build stable again?

I have been watching the CruiseControl builds and see that the new config integration was completed (along with other great stuff like the Delete messages!).

Do you think the code is back to a stable point where we can resume using CC builds now? I had to stop using them about a month ago (??) since things were very volatile and didn't work (understandable). I would love to resume using the latest code you're writing if it's ready. :)

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    Actually, a friend tried doing an OTA install of a CC build today and caught a problem with the build process that I had not previously noticed. Apparently, when the .cod file gets big enough, it is actually written as a ZIP of multiple files. The .jad file references these, which confuses the browser on the BB. So, I updated the build tasks used by the build server to do that unzipping. In other words, OTA installation of snapshots was apparently broken the past couple of months, but is now fixed as of the latest build.

    The latest CC build should now be usable. I've solidified the new configuration structure, and most of the remaining work on 0.4 has to do with feature-addition.

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      Fantastic, thanks! I had not been using the CC builds for some time so never encountered the new large-COD problem, but I've seen the situation you're talking about when making my own JAD files to install apps that don't provide them.

      I just installed the new build 30, it's working great.