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How can I get the LogicMail 1.9... to stay always connected to mail box via my mobile internet connection? It keeps disconnecting from it. Thanks

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    I haven't yet written the code to make it do that, and all the other complexities involved. LogicMail isn't intentionally disconnecting. Its just hard to keep a socket connection actually active for a long period of time on the mobile network.

    All of this is in my plans of things to do, but its a lot more complicated than it sounds.

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      Why then not to look into gmail mobile app for blackberry and do the same with refreshing intervals of 10min, 15min, 20 min and 30min as a choice ??? I am not a programmer but it shout be not that hard... I hope so... :) Thanks and sorry for my comment... I know that I can get the answer like "if you are so smart, why don't you do it your self?"... just I can't wait for some kind of push thing...

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        Hey, people have been thinking it was "just one simple thing" ever since LogicMail 1.0 :-) The truth is that I had to completely redesign the application, just to bring it to the point where adding the feature was even possible. This took a lot of work. (2.0 is at least 3 times as much code as 1.1, and far more complex.)

        However, it is much easier to implement this now. I just need to figure out all the details, and how to make them fit together. Part of being a programmer is thinking things through to a level of detail most people never consider.

        Its simple to say "offer refresh intervals of 10/15/20/30min". That's step 1. Now we have to think about exactly what to refresh each interval. You could have 5 different mail accounts configured. Some of those accounts could each have 20-30 folders. So there needs to be per-account configuration, folders-to-refresh configuration, etc. And then, let's say I make LogicMail display an application indicator icon on the BlackBerry home screen when there's unread/new mail. What number do I put next to it?

        I know I'm just rambling here, but if you have any ideas for how you'd like all that to work, I'm all ears :-)

        Right now my main priority is working off the remaining issues in 2.0, but designing this feature is the next thing on my to-do list after that.

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          Is there any progression on this?

          My Logicmail disconnect (over 2G) even 3-4 times a day and doesn't reconnect asking for a refresh. My only work around is to close the app and reopen it.

          can the app check if the connection is open and if not simply reconnect?

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            This is an ancient thread. The features being asked for are part of the latest version of LogicMail. If you go into the settings, you can even configure how often it'll reconnect when it loses its connection.