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LogicMail new IMAP message sound alert

Hi. I've got new message icon showing alright on my BB Bold 9700 but there's no sound alert for it. I've set the type of alarm and put it for Always in Sounds > Set Ring Tones/Alerts but no luck so fare. Should I do something more in order to get my new messages to be notified by sound alert? Thanks

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    I just tested on my phone, and I wasn't able to get a sound to trigger either. Honestly, the notifications are not something I've put much effort into testing since I initially implemented them. However, background IMAP behavior also wasn't quite as good as I thought.

    Most of my recent work (and the reason its been a while since the last update) has been on #277 and #294. Once fully tested, these changes should offer a massive improvement in the usability of IMAP message alerts (and all IMAP mailbox state updates). Once I finish fixing those issues, and anything related, I'll re-test and see if I need to create a bug ticket for this.

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      Hi octo... have instaled latest version ....68 on on my Bold 9700 and in IDLE (after 5min) it stil gets the messages, but the notifications (led, sound and vibration - depends what is set) disappear. So, it is 'painful' to receive the message and do not know about it... :) . Please do something about it... Thanks a lot