Help (#2) - SSL w/ SMTP (#163) - Message List


I have configured logicmail to use SMTPS over the standard port to my mail server. When I try to send outgoing email, I receive a message stating "The connection requested a client certificate for authentication. One could not be found on the device."

I'm using a BlackBerry Bold that's tied to my corporate BES server, and trying to use LogicMail to access my "other" email accounts, so that they don't all get plopped together in the common inbox. Seems that this would be a straightforward prospect, but not sure how I can create my own SSL key on my blackberry. I'm guessing that's the step I'd need to do, and then import that SSL key on my mail server if I'm not using a trusted CA.

If anyone can advise, I'd very much appreciate it. I'm also facing a challeng with my local key store password (as in I don't know what it is), but I can always reset my device and re-pair with the corporate server if I have to.

Thanks for any help!