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After update from 258 to 268 there is a big problem: when i log in to my IMAP account, writing a mail or doing something else for a little while, LogicMail hangs and will be finished after a timeout by the OS giving me something like: "Application LogicMail (#x) not responding and will be terminated. I don't know how long it takes till LM will hang, but it is not very long, maybe less than 5 minutes. A little annoying with this bug is, that the mail i just wrote hasn't been saved.

So I downgraded to which is working perfectly.

Thank you,

Kindest Regards, franc

EDIT: I am not sure if better I would have posted this as a new ticket. If so, please move it or delete this post (because I can't) and I would write a new ticket, sorry for inconveniance.

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    Is your phone capable of WiFi? If not try turning off "Use WiFi if available".

    I have a Tour 9630 on Verizon. My phone can not do WiFi at all--it's not even an option for me.

    After I upgraded from 267 to 268, I noticed that LM almost ALWAYS said "Opening Connection"--I'd try to check messages and 5 min later it was still saying "Opening Connection" and my batt life was terrible.

    On a whim, I decided to try turning off the above mentioned setting and the connection problems mostly went away. My theory is that somehow LM was trying to force a WiFi connection and was waiting for it to work. That's the only thing I can come up with for my own situation. I meant to open a ticket for this but I forgot to do so.

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      Is your phone capable of WiFi?

      Yes, i have the BlackBerry 8900 with OS

      Like i told, i downgraded to 258 and everything is OK again. It is a bug in 268. I should open a ticket...

      EDIT: Ok i opened Ticket #307

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        I've made extensive (and necessary, if you read the details of the related tickets) changes to the idle behavior of the IMAP implementation between 258 and 268, so its entirely possible that a bug was introduced.

        We'll continue the discussion on that ticket's page, and hopefully get to the bottom of this.

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          OK, i just reinstall the 268 version to test it thoroughly about this bug (if it is one and not only on my phone). I will answer the details on the ticket #307 page then. Will take a little while...

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          Normally i just open LM to check my mails maybe two or three times a day, but only when i am not near of my real computer and then i close it after some minutes, depending if i write a mail or not. I don't need the idle thing at all.

          Maybe with a switch in the preferences to disable mailcollection on idle it would be just bugfree in my situation?