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Auto check for emails

I have had this great email app in use a couple of days, thanks for all your efforts.

Is there a way/setting to automatically check for new messages every XX minutes, while the app is open?

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    This has been asked and answered more times than I can count, and even has an item in the FAQ.

    (and will be actively worked on as soon as 2.0 beta work settles down, and I have free time)

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      I know nothing about coding, but if it could just REFRESH STATUS every few minutes or something, that would do it?

      I tried to get the Blackberry to give a sound, when Logicalmail gets a new message. Sounds/Other/Logicalmail(account)

      I added a sound profile, but it hasn't worked yet, but it should, right?

      "Tiggit Mail" seems to have set up its own profile right there, and that one gives an alert for a new message.

      Anyway, that's all gravy, this Logicmail W-O-R-K-S. Lets hope it keeps working. Great job.

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        also, what if some folks do something wrong, and then the Logicmail keeps downloading more email by itself?

        Maybe its better to keep it manual, and more updates take a manual click, as it is in the message list? Because these email companies, like Yahoo are NOTORIOUS for monkeying around all the time, and it kills apps, which then have to be fixed again.

        It happened with YPops about 100 times, and well as the other Pop-checkers. Hopefully Yahoo, etc, can't money with the IMAP?

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          So Octo

          I am all IMAP now, works great.

          There are times that I don't need my BB to take email, and want to prolong my battery life. I've noticed shorter battery life with email on continuously.

          When the Red X is shown over the account name, is Logicmail Not Active, and never receiving mail? Is this correct? I mainly needed BB email for travel a few days/month. Logicmail should be inactive with the Red X displayed, or with app closed, or both?

          I didn't see anything about the Red X in the Setup Guide Or Documentation.


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            The red X on the icon next to the account name means that LogicMail is not connected to the mail server.

            LogicMail is not using the network with the red X displayed, and is mostly inactive, but will still be running and using memory. (It probably won't be doing anything that drains your battery, though.)