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Hey! I downloaded Logicmail on my bb bold 9700 but there is one problem. It only downloads the emails that were received 3 years ago, in other words, the oldest ones. How do I get only the newest emails? I have the newest beta version of Logicmail and I use GMAIL.



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    This really shouldn't be happening, and no one else has ever noticed it before. This means that either the data coming from Gmail is ordered backwards, or there's some very strange bug that's only occurring on your account.

    My first suggestion is to try using the debugging instructions to capture a log of the communications between LogicMail and Gmail when you select a folder and its contents are refreshed.

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      I just set up Gmail IMAP over WiFi, and can attest it is behaving perfectly. (no jinx please!) Logicmail downloads exactly the number of emails picked in the Advanced Options too. With an option for more, and in the same chronological order from today.

      I messed up a few times setting this up, but uninstalling Logicmail and starting fresh after I messed up the settings, seemed to have worked.

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      Hi Derek,

      I loaded LogicMail earlier this week and had the same issue. Messages from gmail loaded from 2008 (also 3 years). I ran the debugging as you suggested and it's attached to this thread. This is on BlackBerry 8320 Edge. I had set it up as POP.

      I just deleted that account and setup gmail as IMAP - works great now.

      Best, Andrew

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        I just did some of my own testing, and I think its actually Gmail that's acting quite weird here. You might not notice this in a desktop E-Mail client, which will download the entire mailbox and then sort by date. LogicMail only downloads the N most recent messages (where N is configurable, but normally small), so this issue becomes more apparent.

        I have a Gmail account that I occasionally use for testing. I connected to it (manually) via both IMAP and POP. IMAP shows 179 messages in the inbox, while POP shows 268. Meanwhile, the web interface shows 151. Something strange is definitely going on here, but I'm not yet sure what.

        However, if you are using a mail service that supports IMAP, I strongly recommend always using IMAP. Its a far more efficient protocol, and also a far more featureful one as well. This becomes especially apparent with clients like LogicMail, which use all the features of IMAP when it makes sense.

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    I am also having the problem with imap displaying from oldest to newest.

    I have a Blackberry Torch with os I'm using Logicmail v2.0.0.291.

    I'm setting up an imap account with these settings:

    use secure connection: ssl
    port: 993
    password: ***********
    use secure connection: ssl
    port: 465
    authentication: login
    password: **********
    connection method: wifi only
    use wifi if available: checked

    The Test Configuration is successful. I've tried to find a solution online but have been completely unsuccessful. I've read several posts on various forums where other people have had the same issue and no solution is ever posted. I'm wondering if a solution has been found?

    I've also tried using Logicmail v and v The same thing keeps happening.