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No GMS3G connection


When connecting through Wifi Logicmail works ok.

When connecting through GSM/3G this message shows up and no conncetion is possible: "java.nio.channels.Unresolved.Address.Exception"

When I enter my IMAP server IP iso the URL then appears: "Cannot connect to IP:.....:145"

Anything that I can do about it?

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    It could be something with your ISP. Does setting up a Gmail work? Maybe you could call tech support and see if there is a block?

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      It is true, neither gmail nor yahoo nor any others work, so it is probably my company that has blocked the usage on the Blackberry Server.

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        That's the most likely cause. E-Mail services tend to be the first thing people block when they want to block things on their internet connection. The only solution is to see if those services are also running in non-standard ports, or to connect through another method (i.e. WiFi).