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Inbox view

I setup my mail with IMAP. Normally, in the inbox it show "Sender address" and "Message title". But Logicmail show "Recipient address" and "message title" which makes me confuse to find out who sends me the email! I try searching around but found nowhere to change this view. Can anyone clarify? Also, is there any way to configure duration of time to check new messages? How often does it check for new mails? Thnx all 4 help.

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    Check the "Folder settings" page of the account configuration. LogicMail should only be doing that for the folder configured as the "Sent message folder".

    Also, per your second question, that feature hasn't been implemented yet. It is planned for 2.1. (Yet everyone assumes its there, and they just haven't found the configuration setting.) All I have so far is idling support for IMAP, where it'll pick up new messages while you're actively connected.