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Error with Sender

I'm trying to send and receive AKO email through the LogicMail client on my Blackberry Tour. I can receive mail just fine, but I cannot send. I receive an error message:

Error With Sender

I've read the FAQ and found this possible solution, but did not understand exactly what I'm supposed to check for.

Can someone please explain in a bit more detail, how to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Little help? Please? Anyone...

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      It probably means you had a typo somewhere in your configuration. It could be the server name, port, etc. It also could be the type of encryption if your mail server uses it I think.

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        In this case, the FAQ is suggesting you go to the Configuration screen, click on the item in the "Identities" section (probably named "Default", and make sure the "Full name" and "E-Mail address" fields are correctly filled in.

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          Yep, I think I understood that and double checked. Both are filled in exactly how they should be. I only created one "identity" which I assume applies to both incoming and outgoing mail.

          There's a section for Reply To that I left blank.

          Also in Outgoing mail settings, I cannot enter a user name or password.

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            The identity setting only applies to outgoing. (It is not relevant to incoming.)

            To be able to enter a username/password for the outgoing server, you have to change the "Authentication" option to something other than "None". (e.g. "PLAIN" or "LOGIN"). This may be your actual problem.

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              Yep, that was the problem. I changed the Authentication type to "Log In" and it now works perfectly. Thanks very much for you assistance.