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How to configure MS Exchange on LogicMail

Hi Guys,

I can successfully configure Gmail on LogicMail by IMAP, but not my corporate Exchange Email....

any idea how? how should i set the server for IMAP and SMTP? on normal phone, they just require one server but LogicMail requires two?

appreciate someone here can assist, tq.

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    I have an exchange account too. I use the IMAP and the exchange address. Example: If you use Outlook Web Access, you can click on "Options" and then "About" It will show you your servers address.. typically whatever you type in the web address to access your outlook is what you would use as the servers name for the IMAP.

    Then? I use gmail SMTP Pretty simple: SSL --->yes port 465 Authenticatin ---> LOGIN your gmail login and pass. Test send emails.

    This APP works GREAT! I've been using LM since 2008 or 2009.

    I run an 8350i BB with Boostmobile. MMS SMS BB Maps BB Weather LogicMail IMAP eMail WiFi Data

    Unlimited EVERYTHING $45 / shrinkage... can't beat it.

    Thank you LOGIC MAIL MASTER - DEREK! ha! you're a genius~

    Sure hope you can make your exchange work... fire up a gmail account, and make good use of the SMTP ~J