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New user, first impressions…

Hello all,

Recently I have been looking for something beyond the Blackberry so I was pleased to find an open source IMAP client. Once I realized it would sync properly with my mutt and evolution configurations I was hooked.

Thus far I've been running the LogicMail client for 2 days. I'm not fully configured yet but I'm making small strides.

Here are some of my initial findings:

  • Protocol support is good, seemingly lots of options though I'm guessing that if "starttls" was an option secure SMTP would be a lot easier. My authentication sever should be up soon, which will mean much more usage.
  • I have some trouble opening large mailboxes (17,000+ messages) resulting in I/O errors. I'm using backups for testing so this would not be "real use" but would be for many others I'm sure.
  • A Google Alerts message that I was excited to receive contained no message body. It was HTML-mail (shudders) so I suppose I could fix the display by stripping Google Alerts of HTML with Procmail, though I suspect this bug affects other messages too.
  • Contact list integration caught me off guard. Nice work, it's great to tap into the phone's directory for this. Makes migrating painless.
  • Composition buffering... strange not to have it. Some kind of drafts would be nice for recovering after an interruption. I guess you could just switch to the BB composer though, sucks for replying though.
  • The missing "delete" feature that has been requested. I find this one funny, I don't delete anything.

All things considered I have a feeling that I'll be sticking with the client for some time. I enjoy the fact that it is "on demand" refresh so if I'm exchanging messages shortly before lunch I won't have to deal with 15-20 minute delays between messages. The synchronization of message states (read, forwarded, etc) is awesome.

Thanks again, cheers!

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    Sounds like I use IMAP like you do---big mailboxes without ever deleting things.

    How did you access the large mailboxes? Did you just set your "Message Count" really high?

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      Handling large mailboxes is something we'll need to handle better in the future. I originally designed LogicMail as a way to check my most recent messages, so I hadn't really thought about that use case. It is also a difficult use-case to handle when you can only hold a subset of the mail data in the local client.

      I'm up for suggestions on how this could be implemented. One idea is menu options like "load next 30 messages", but there are obviously plenty of other use cases that would need considering.

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        I know nothing about the architecture of your program, but IMAP makes this kind of thing rather simple, if you keep your program as "thin" as possible of a layer on top of IMAP:

        1) Allow an arbitrary number of 'filters' on each mailbox (one would be default for each box; tag filters with hot keys and get to them with alt-hotkey). Implement filters with SEARCH. If the message list returned by SEARCH is too long, only store locally the 3*message_count UIDs that are around the current window's contents

        2) Make the message display a window into message_count results of UID FETCH, where the message-set is based on the results of search, or FETCH if there is no filter on the mailbox.

        3) Load messages headers on demand outside the current window (or message_count surrounding the current window).

        4) alt-F lets you type in a filter to be passed to SEARCH (you could make a pretty gui or just let people type the query raw with a few examples).

        IMAP pretty much does the rest, doesn't it?


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        I don't really see the point of using LogicMail to check the most recent messages. Doesn't the blackberry do that fine on its own?

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          No, it doesn't. Without a corporate BES server some of your messages will get lost in RIM's spam filters if you just forward mail to the handheld.

          Alternatively, you can choose to use their IMAP "sync" which is only one-way, does not maintain message status, and does not let you get messages as they come in - you must wait 15 minutes for the next message queue to get checked (and then wait 1-120 minutes for it to get through RIM's queue for sending to the handheld depending on network conditions). That is completely useless if you are looking for the status of an appointment.

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            I should also add that as a regular IMAP user, I frequently check folders other than my INBOX. This is especially common since my IMAP server (Cyrus) allows server-side filters to be configured. This means that messages from any mailing lists I subscribe to, for example, never actually appear in my INBOX.

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      I tried setting the message count higher but I am running a 7290 phone, which has connection speeds of something like 14.4kpbs (or at least it feels that way). So I switched back to the default.

      Lately I am just using the device for new messages and responding to things on the go so it is not much of an issue. If I need to get an old message from the archive I SSH into my network and use Mutt to connect to the IMAP server. It's not the best, but it is rare that I have to go that far.