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Problem with Gmail IMAP

Well, I've just installed LogicMail (Beta) via

I found Logicmail has got a serious problem with Gmail IMAP.

This is the IMAP installation from Gmail

Mail Server: (SSL 993) Outgoing Mail Server: (SLL 465)

BUT, Logicmail argues that Outgoing Mail Server MUST BE "".

I'm so sorry, "" is Gmail POP3 only. Logicmail keeps asking me that "" is wrong.

So I think Derek please do a bit fixing this bug.

And Logicmail also can not read unicode email uft8. So please, just take it a shot.

Thx Derek.

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    IMAP and POP are protocols for receiving incoming E-Mail. Neither of them have anything to do with actually sending E-Mail. For sending E-Mail, you always use SMTP. As such, "" (SSL, port 465) is the correct outgoing server setting for Gmail in all cases.

    Also, UTF-8 Unicode worked just fine the last time I checked. Can you please be a little more specific about what sort of E-Mail (language, etc) you are trying to read?

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    Oh thank you so much Octo, you have replied to me really fast.

    I did as you said, inputing "", it works.

    The other issue I have mentioned that I can not read the Vietnamese unicode typing such as the language: "Xin chào, tôi tên là James, tôi rất thích sử dụng Logicmail". I dunt know, I could read those writing in version 1.1, but this Beta version.

    Thx Octo.

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    I'm going to need a lot more information from you to track down a language-display issue. I seem to have a lot of Vietnamese users, and no one else has reported any issues lately.

    Please send me the following:

    • BlackBerry OS version on your phone
    • What you actually see on your screen, instead of the expected Vietnamese text
    • The raw source of a message that is displayed this way. (Most desktop e-mail clients have a "view source" option that shows headers and encoded content in a raw form. This is what I want to see.)
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    Thanks to hoanghuy89, I now have enough information to work this issue. See ticket #320 for details.

    This bug does not happen on newer OS 5.0 devices, but it definitely does happen on older OS 4.5 devices.

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