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Verification error on startup

BlackBerry Curve 8520 OS: v4.6.1.286 LogicMail: Beta

After start I get this message: Error starting LogicMail: Module 'LogicMail-3' has verification errors.

Any ideas? I can't anything about that?

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    Which download link did you use?

    Also, try uninstalling it and re-installing the latest ( from the official OTA link:

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      In all cases I got the same error. For now I installed OS 5 to my curve and it works. But the behaviour is strange and I am suprised I can't find anything about that issue.


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        I checked my web server logs for the 17th, and I'm still scratching my head as to what exactly you tried downloading. I see a whole bunch of install downloads from a BlackBerry 8520 running One particular device seems to have a whole bunch of attempts coming from the same address, and some little-known German carrier. That might be you, not sure. Anyways, it looks like builds for OS 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7 were all attempted. Obviously a 4.7 build will not work on a 4.6 device, but it wasn't the first entry in my logs.

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          Yes, sounds that was me ;) I downloaded the version of the program my bb browser suggest. Later I tried the other versions for other os but I got the same error. At last I downloaded the last version of sourceforge and installed it by using bb desktop software. The first attempt must be the installation of the version für os 4.6 not for 4.7.

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            I did some of my own testing using the simulator for the 8520 with OS When first downloaded, there was an exception and the application icon wasn't visible. But re-installing (replacing the old install) and restarting cleared it up. After doing that, things worked fine. I wonder if there's just some strange bug in OS itself, which is a pretty old build as it is (may have just been a barely-tested stock build for a new device). Of course 5.0 is always a better option, but there are probably newer 4.6.1 builds as well.