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HTML code in email replies

LM is great ... thanks for continued efforts to develop ver 2.1 sooner than later!

This question may have been asked by others before or I may be missing something but appreciate help / advice! I am using 2.0 beta ver 274.

When replying to majority (not all) emails, I get lots of HTML code appearing in the original quoted email which is extensive and very annoying (whether I choose config option for HTML view or not).

Can LM be configured to either not include the original email in replies or perhaps not have the ">" marks inserted which may make the HTML formatted text visible normally (without code)!

Thank you!

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    Normally LogicMail only quotes the text/plain portion of an e-mail when you reply. What is the message structure of these messages that its quoting HTML from? In LogicMail, when viewing one of these messages, press the menu button, select "Properties", then switch to the "Structure" page. (other mail clients may have something similar) Are they HTML-only messages? Are they messages that are malformed and put HTML in a plain-text section? (given how LM is coded, I suspect its the last one)

    That being said, I do already have a bunch of feature requests for reply/quoting options on the plan for 2.1. They might get bumped to 2.2 (so I don't delay 2.1 indefinitely), but some of them may be easy enough to get done in the short term.

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      Thanks for your response! On my BB (Bold 9000, OSv5.0.0.1067) LM quotes all the HTML code of the email when I reply! The "structure" of the email (when I check as per your instructions) says "text/html".

      Not sure whether you can help with this in the next 2.0 beta update but my replies to a short email (even just 1 line of original text) can often contain several pages of HTML code and also apparently URLs. Thank you again!

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        Hello Derek,

        Will this issue be fixed in an upcoming ver 2.1 development update (I am now using build 39).

        Thanks for the frequency of updates!

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          That's actually a slightly more complex issue than it sounds. First, I strongly recommend to preference "Plain text" when viewing e-mails. (Its the default, and changeable on the configuration screen, though there is no easy way switch back and forth while viewing a message.)

          That being said, if the structure shows just text/html for the message, then you have an annoyingly HTML-only message. There really is no easy way to quote this in a reply, since LogicMail only supports plain text for composing messages. I really only have two options that I could implement:

          1. Simply not show anything quoted (which is what I already do in certain cases)
          2. Find a way to reliably "tag-strip" the HTML into plain-text, without mutilating the formatting too horribly.

          I know this will eventually need to be addressed in 2.1 or 2.2, though it isn't that high on the priority list right now. (My current main focus is all the nitty gritty "always running in the background and polling" stuff for 2.1.)