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Trouble Replying and Forwarding with HTML

I am having an unusual problem and was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue. The original message seems to not be included when replying or forwarding email in HTML. It seems only to work in "plain text". I am using Logicmail on a Blackberry Curve 8520 with OS Thanks

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    That's not really a problem, so much as a design limitation. It is mentioned in the FAQ, though its a bit down the list.

    The basic issue is that LogicMail does not support composing messages in HTML, and this is not an easy capability to implement. As such, there are only a few ways (most awkward) that I can handle this:

    1. Don't include HTML in the forward/reply (what LM normally does)
    2. Include HTML, but as raw source, in the forward/reply message (what LM might do in some corner case, but always looks bad to the recipient
    3. Forward as attachment (can work for the forward-only case, but not useful for the reply case)
    4. Implement a tag-stripper that attempts to convert an HTML message to plain text when composing a forward/reply (difficult to get acceptable output from)

    Of course the one case I currently could (but don't) handle well is an HTML and plain text message that is being viewed as HTML. The reason is that I mostly include HTML view support as a workaround for HTML-only messages, and not something to be used with regularity. So the HTML support is rather limited at the moment. Of course I could (and should) improve this in the future.