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CAC Access

Been using LM ever since 1.1 even the Beta versions. First an 8900, then a 9000. Currently on a 9800. Have never had a problem. What a great app! How hard would it be to add CAC as a method of logging on? I log on now using SSL > User/PW. For those that use a CAC sled, logging on would be verified by typing the PIN. Could LM pass the credentials from the CAC to the server?

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    Supporting CAC authentication is no small task. In an ideal world, I'd need the following:

    1. CAC sled
    2. CAC itself
    3. Access to a mail server that supported CAC authentication
    4. Technical references about how all of the above are supposed to work together

    Since a CAC is only available if I'm actively part of some DoD contract that justifies it, and I'm not sure where to find a CAC-supporting mail server (unless AKO supports it, and AKO access comes with a CAC), this is all easier said than done.

    Of course if CAC authentication is done like any other smart card, and is based on some sort of standard smart-card-based authentication mechanism, this becomes a lot easier in theory. (In practice, it seems like the world of smart cards has enough variation that it may be difficult to actually get this working without the right kind of hardware.)