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Inbox download

I have downloaded and installed Logicmail to my Blackberry Curve 8520 (v5.0.0.900), and while relatively happy with it, it does do something odd when I connect to the server (using POP with a Gmail account). It seems to download my sent mail into the Inbox folder, as if I had sent messages to myself. Not sure why it does this; I have set up local folders, but it doesn't seem to put anything into my local sent folder. Also, it seems to make a chiming sound everytime I connect, whether there is new mail or not.

Is these bugs, or just configuration issues? Would IMAP work better?

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    LogicMail can only display what the server sends it, and Gmail behaves especially odd over POP. What you are experiencing is entirely Gmail's fault. I've had enough people complain about strange Gmail POP issues that I wrote a whole blog post about it.

    IMAP will always work better, and shouldn't have these issues.