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Successfully using LogicMail on a BlackBerry Pearl/8100 with Courier-MTA and Courier-IMAP


I wished to report my success with using LogicMail on a BlackBerry Pearl/8100 with Courier-MTA and Courier-IMAP on GNU/Linux. I am using TLS with both IMAP and SMTP.

I have the following questions and comments;

How can I donate to the cause, financially or otherwise? I've been seeking an application just like this for my BlackBerry, since I loath their "mail" support with proprietary-only mail servers (Exchange, Lotus, Groupwise). So far, it looks great. Please continue development and support.

Please attend to bug #26, which is RFC2822 compliance. SpamAssassin does not like malformed mails.

In the future, please support the MSA port, TCP 587 (MSA/Submission, RFC2476).

A Find feature is desperately needed. I realize that the product is early in it's life.

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    Bug #26 is actually already fixed in the repository. I just haven't yet posted a build containing the fix. However, I've been spending some time this weekend working on a solution to the problem of getting updates out to the users.

    I've managed to get LogicMail building on this server (a Solaris/SPARC) box, and if we're lucky, the builds will also work. Based on that initial success, I went ahead and also got  CruiseControl running. What this means is that you'll soon be able to get automated builds of the trunk. While I'm not sure I want to expose the build server page to the Internet, I did install a Trac plugin for it that you'll notice soon enough.

    As far as support for the MSA port, are you asking about the port or a protocol change? If its just the port, you can manually change the SMTP port in the configuration. It auto-resets it when you toggle SSL, but the field is still editable.

    Find support may be possible, but only through IMAP. The IMAP protocol does have the necessary hooks to support message searching. If you want, feel free to write a feature request ticket. Also, include any useful details on the use-case and options you'd like, so I'll know how to scope things.

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    It's great to see somebody got LogicMail to work on a Pearl. I have a 8120 ( here and sadly all I get is I/O errors trying to connect to, simply via my home WLAN, despite IMO correct values for both POP and IMAP. It's a real kicker, if I cannot get it to work in the next couple of days the Blackberry goes back to where it came from. Is there anything I am missing, anything to look for specifically? I have no problem getting the phone online with Opera through my WLAN.

    BTW, I am delighted this project exists. The Pearl II is a pretty neat device, but the lack of something as basic as POP/IMAP support without need for costly services does raise an eyebrow or two. The most bizarre aspect is that over at PinStack people seem to be fine with things, and they "don't get" why someone should want the device but not push-mail. I assume most of them don't have to pay for the service themselves :/

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      The problem is that you don't have TCP configured correctly on the device, as far as your provider's data plan is concerned. LogicMail is not attempting to use your WiFi connection.

      However, to use your WiFi connection, someone here helpfully posted a trick. He put it on the features page. Since his trick is essentially cramming a J2ME Connection string into the LogicMail configuration, I've updated ticket #34 for implementing the real solution. I'd have done it sooner, but nothing in the trick is mentioned in the documentation I've been developing from. So, I'll need to investigate further.