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sending a blank mail after each send?

i used logicmail 291 on my BB 9700 OS6. I configured it the right way and it can sync with my gmail via imap. The issue im having here is that each time I send a msg through, logicmail always sends a blank mail to the receiver at the same time, just following the original email. Please help me solve this.

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    i have tested on this issue and this happens only when i reply to emails. i will actually send one more blank reply following the original reply.

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      I can say I've never seen or heard of this issue before. Is this a normal "Reply" or a "Reply to all"? What does the actual message you're replying to look like? Is there any way you can send me the raw source of one of those messages so I can try testing myself? (In the Gmail web interface, its the "Show original" option on the dropdown arrow to the right of the "Reply" button.)