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First I'd like to thank you for a very nice product. I've used LM for quite some time now (with GMail) and I really like it. I think it looks great and I haven't had any problems with it.

So, my question is about future features. My current IT policy does not allow me to download attachments, and I'm therefore wondering if there are any plans of implementing the possibility of opening and viewing attachments directly from LM. I'm using Documents To Go, and I would love to be able to use Words To Go, PDF to Go, etc. to open attachments directly in LM.

Cheers, Oi

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    I hope you realize that implementing an "open attachments directly in LM" essentially means this:

    1. Attachment is downloaded to a temporary location on the phone
    2. File is opened in external application
    3. If LogicMail has any way of knowing that the application is no longer open, the temporary file is deleted

    This is really no different from how any other E-Mail client would do it, except in rare cases (e.g. images) where it can embed a viewer for the content within the message display window itself.

    So while opening attachments directly from within the app could be done to improve usability, it would still technically involve "downloading them" in some way.

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      Ok, thanks for the explanation, which certainly makes sense. I am in fact able to view attachements in some other clients (e.g. Mobiquus), but when I try to open an attachment in LM I get an error message saying something about trying to access stuff inside and outside my firewall and that my IT policy does not allow this. Anyway, no biggie I guess! Cheers, Oi

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        I'd also like to say; that I'm enjoying using LogicMail very much. I've been using L.M. for about 6 weeks on a fairly new Blackberry Curve.

        Being able to click on file attachment within an email and startup an associated default mime type application; would be a wonderful enhancement for me too.

        Currently my home phone company sends me emails with attached .wav sound files of missed telephone call recordings. I would love to have the ability to click on a .wav file and hear the audio track from inside L.M.

        The unfortunate thing is, that I haven't been able to find an external application to even play the missed call .wav files on my B.C. let alone expect that LogicMail could play the clip for me.

        Thank you for all the wonderful work. Hoping to add items to the wish list ...