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I can click on an email address within a message to create a new email, but I can't find where to just start a NEW email alone. Am I missing something here?

BB 8900 running v5 OS and LM, all via WIFI ONLY.

Also, I have connection debugging enabled, but I can't find where to view the details.

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    On most screens within the app, if you press the menu button on the phone, you'll find a "Compose E-Mail" item somewhere on it.

    P.S. Connection debugging logs every packet sent between LogicMail and your mail server to the BlackBerry Event Logger (press Alt-lglg from the device's home screen to see it).

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      From the main screen 'Local Folders, bl@ah (IMAP)' etc, when I hit the MENU key all I see is:

      Refresh status
      Refresh Folders
      Battery Level 90%
      Switch Application

      Very similar on other screens, no "Compose E-Mail" or the like on any of them.

      Gotcha on the logging.

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        If you don't see "Compose E-Mail" in that list, then you've either highlighted a Local folder, or don't have an outgoing (SMTP) server associated with your mail account configuration.

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          I DID have a SMTP configured correctly, but I didn't scroll down far enough under the IMAP Account screen to select the outgoing SMTP server (was set to NONE).