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I just tried downloading a couple of different versions and I am facing few different errors. First, i get the message that the security certificate for gmail's IMAP has expired. When i continue without it, it logs in the inbox but when i select a certain message I end up with unknown error. However, I can compose and send messages fine. If i set up my gmail as pop account, i can access the messages fine, I can load the message but when i hit reply or reply all the app shuts down with uncaught exception which is always different. The forwarding and the new functions work great. As i said, i've tried different builds and they all show the same erros. Im running BB O.S 4.2.2.

Thanks for ur help

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    If you get an "Unknown error" while doing anything that involves talking to the mail server, it is because something in LogicMail's parser code failed. The best way to help solve the issue is to find out exactly what. If you run a recent development build, you can use the built-in logging features as described here.