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build for a real device

Hi, first of all I would like to thank for this cool and _free_ app for BB and apologize if this was discussed earlier. I have some issues with building and launching BB on real device.

I'm not BB developer nor java developer and I'm not familiar with BB development process. I would be glad to hear any suggestions.

I've cooked a patch for LM(optionaly move deleted msg to trash box rather than marking it as deleted - message is seen as archived in google web interface rather than deleted) and was able to test a build in BB emulator - eclipse plugin(v.1.5). However I got some trouble with it on my device(BB 9860).

In eclipse I edited each subproject to use RIM jdk 7.0.0. Then right click on LogicMailStartup subproject and chose 'Run as->Blackberry simulator'. Then I was able to launch LM in simulator. But when I've tried to install it(OTA from ./LogicMailStartup/deliverables/Standard/7.0.0/) I was not able to find LM launcher. The installation went fine and finished successfully. In options->device->apps I was able to see LM. But I could not find any shortcut where I could launch it.

Thanks for your help. regards, -- dmytro