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I am having trouble with installation. I have not found a suitable answer by •Check the Setup Guide •Check the Frequently Asked Questions list •Check the Discussion forums

Here's my problem:

After I successfully installed LogicMail OTA from your website, I launched it via its icon on my phone's Home screen. My phone immediately rebooted itself. After the phone became operational, I tried to launch your app again. My phone rebooted itself again. So, I deleted your app from my phone.

Next, I installed the downloaded version of your app via App Loader. Apparently, the install was successful. When I launched your app, the message "Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException" popped up in a dialog window. I tried launching again. Again, I got the exception.

When I tried to delete your app from the App Management screen, my phone hung up. I successfully deleted your app by using BlackBerry Master Control Program.

Any suggestions how I might resolve these issues? Thank you.

Torch 9800 OS Carrier AT&T