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update on the last post

after fiddling with the app for two days.. now i cant even start it.. i get : Uncaught Exception. Exception thrown in a midlet constructor.

Please HELP!!!

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    The only thing that could possibly cause startup exceptions would be if the persistent data storage for J2ME applications on your BlackBerry got corrupted. All LogicMail does on startup prior to showing the account list is loading the configuration.

    You need to clear the J2ME RMS store. I don't remember exactly how to do this offhand, but I believe a link is in one of the forum posts.

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      Thanks for your reply Octo. I tried searching the forum but found no reference to clearing the j2me rms store. I would really like to try your application. If you can provide additional advice, please do so. Thanks

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         How To - Handle stored data when removing an application

        Read the section entitled: "MIDP Record Stores"

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          Thanks.. I will let u know if I made it..

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            I tried as u suggested. Cleared all MIDP from the device and re-loaded the app. Still get the same error. The funny thing is, when i tried running it for the very first time. it did work.. but it wont connect to gmail because the handheld did not accept the server security certificate. I will try a couple of more times with the methods you suggested. I really need to get it to work cause i need the SMTP feature.. I can use my work email to reply to messages that our exchange ffds to gmai :)

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