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CC and BCC

On my BB 8320, OS 4.2, CC and BCC don't work. When I attempt to fill them in from the Address Book, the CC: and BCC: labels on screen disappear, and no address appears, but the cursor remains positioned where it would be if the address had been inserted. If I key in the addresses manually, they look as they should. In neither case, however, are the copies actually sent to those addresses. This behavior is consistent on my device.

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    If you can tell me exactly how to reproduce this issue in the  BlackBerry simulator, I can investigate further. It is likely either something strange with your device or with something in your address book. Regardless, once you can give me a list of steps to reproduce, I can look into it. Thanks.

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      There's no simulator for my exact device and OS version (, but there seem to be two independent issues. One is that CC and BCC don't get sent, whether they are entered manually or from the Address Book. The other looks like a screen drawing bug.

      The normal "compose email" screen looks like this:

      To: Cc: Subject:

      If I fill it in manually as follows,

      To: johndoe@… Cc: janedoe@… Subject: test

      The mail gets delivered normally to johndoe, but not to janedoe. If I use the "Address Book" option to enter the addresses, I get:

      To: John Doe [address book icon]

      @ (cursor position, no visible character)

      Again, the CC to janedoe doesn't get delivered. That's the best I can do to describe the behavior.

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        Ok, I've confirmed that it isn't handling the CC: lines properly. It puts them in the headers, but never tells the SMTP server that they are message recipients. I've opened ticket #57 for the issue.

        While we are close to 0.4, I should first close this and the date issue against 0.3.x sometime this week, and push out a final 0.3.x release to get people by who don't yet want to run the new development build.