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Comma in Full Name field creates interesting results in sent emails

Adding a comma in the "Full Name" field results in an incorrect name on outgoing e-mails. This behavior is in the current build of LogicMail (0.3.020080212211441) so I didn't want to log it as a ticket.

For example, I entered the following as my "Full Name" as one of my identities:

LastName, FirstName

Then I sent an e-mail to my work address. In Outlook (at work), the e-mail was tagged as coming from:

Changing the Full Name entry to:

FirstName LastName

...corrects the problem. E-mails received on my other client are tagged as coming from:

FirstName LastName


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    This does sound like a bug. I'll investigate it and see about fixing it. It should be relatively straightforward.

    While 0.4 (what the current dev build will become) is practically ready for release on-paper, I'd like to find as many issues as I can so that 0.4.1 doesn't need to come out right away :-)

    As LogicMail gets out among more users, more of these issues are being found. That is good, since one thing you don't get as a small open-source project is a software testing team.

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      Since you're soliciting bugs, I've also noticed that I get a fair amount of "I/O Error" messages between LogicMail uses. I believe this is because the server session is terminated and needs to be re-established. Backing all the way out of LogicMail and then re-selecting the account gets me back to working. Not sure if you can programatically determine when these sessions become invalid.

      One other thing that I need to verify: messages I delete from LogicMail do not seem to move to my Trash folder, they seem to be actually deleted. This may be by design.

      Long time LogicMail user, the most recent version really seems to show some maturity. Excellent work!