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HTML Support?

Any idea if HTML support will be on any new updated builds?

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    HTML support is not currently on the roadmap.

    Writing an HTML parser/renderer is a very involved and complicated task, and too many other things are higher priority at the moment.

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      What about a basic possibility of at least displaying HTML part text (with no plain text component) as just text? Right now I have a few coworkers who email as HTML only, which results in a "no valid parts" type of display in LogicMail when trying to read it.

      It would be nice, if nothing else, to at least be able to see the physical text of that email (painful as it may be to read through the HTML tags) so we can at least see something. Maybe even a basic stripping of everything between < > chars would do it?

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        Basically this all means that there are 3 options for handling HTML mail:

        • Pretend its text/plain, show it as-is, tags and all.
        • Convert to text/plain by stripping tags and translating any encoded characters. (i.e. &nbsp;, &amp;)
        • Embed an actual HTML renderer:
          • Finding an existing open-source one that uses a favorable license, and figure out how to integrate it
          • Writing a basic HTML renderer ourselves

        Right now I think the second option may be the best compromise, though the trick is doing tag-stripping in such a way that the message is still readable, and malformed HTML won't completely confuse things.