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Concern at implementation of IMAP protocol


When I read the implementation of IMAP protocol and monitored the implementation of some well-know email client like Outlook and Thunderbird (by installing a local mail server and monitor log files) I learned that all of them like to use the message's UID instead of message's sequence for almost of cases.

I think that we should redesign the IMAP protocol attach with using message's UID instead of message's sequence. The benefit in using UID are easy control, reduce network traffic and support offline sync.

Does it make sense?

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    Yes, it makes sense, and I agree completely. The same issue also applies to POP, to a very limited extent.

    Right now I'm working on building out the application architecture for 0.5 (which I might wind up calling 2.0). Once I get that to a minimally functional level, I'll need to go back and start cleaning up loose ends. I'll definitely put this on my list.

    I'm unsure if I'll wind up back-porting this sort of change into the current (0.4) version, since it isn't designed to sit on a server connection for a long time, and doesn't really cache.