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Server-side search

I use IMAP to access large mailboxes, and it doesn't make sense to store the full mailbox on the blackberry (or even, to download it most of the time). But I would like the ability to find a relevant message in a mailbox. Luckily, IMAP supports server-side search to make that efficient.

Are there any plans to implement server-side search in LogicMail?


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    Currently there are no plans for doing that, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to the idea. The biggest challenges are really figuring out the user interfaces involved, and how to fit this all into the architecture of the application.

    It can get quite complex for two reasons... First, there is no guarantee than a search query will return a practical number of messages that you could actually display headers for. Second, the results screen would be a sort-of "meta mailbox", which has its own implementation challenges.