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Site upgraded to Trac 0.11

If anyone is wondering what all those wiki updates are on the Timeline, and why a few things look different, it is because this morning I upgraded the LogicMail website from Trac 0.10 to Trac 0.11.

I'm hoping the new version will enhance the usefulness of the project website. It already has a more sophisticated workflow system for ticket states, which I fully intend to use.

The only problem with the new version is that the CruiseControl plugin (TracCC) doesn't work out of the box. That plugin is quite dated, so I'm not sure how easy it will be to fix or replace. Regardless, once I start using CruiseControl again, I will provide some way for you to monitor build status.

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    The website is no longer usable on the BlackBerry 8320 (OS since the upgrade to the new Trac. The page loads about 3/4ths the way through until you hit a "Requesting Script..." status, then it just sort of stalls. Hitting ESC to stop after waiting a really long time causes the dreaded hourglass of doom to flash repeatedly until you reboot or pull the battery.

    The previous version 0.10 was 100% usable and degraded very well on the 8320. I cannot get to the OTA links now with the new version to install/upgrade the software on my device. :( I've been trying since you've upgraded the other day thinking it was a weird network glitch, but it doesn't seem to be - looks like it's Trac 0.11 that's bad.

    I also miss TracCC. :)

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      Try disabling JavaScript in your BB browser? It works just fine on my new 8820, and I don't have JavaScript enabled in the browser.

      Also, you can just type in the OTA link directly. It is posted on the main page, and quite short.

      Once I start running CruiseControl builds again, I'll need to either get TracCC fixed or find some alternative. But for now, I'm not running automated builds, so nothing to worry about.

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        Fantastic, thanks - I didn't think to try that, turning off Javascript does the trick and the website works fine. Maybe this will fix problems with other websites, too. :)