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Suggestion: Native inbox integration

I was wondering if there'd be a logicmail implementation for the native inbox - instead of displaying incoming messages within the J2E application itself, incoming messages would interface with the application but display inside the native BlackBerry inbox - thus, Logicmail would function as an optional plugin, and not a GUI client.

I know this sounds a little far off, but I noticed that a Twitter application was doing something similar:

Having an external IMAP client hook into the native BB implementation would be great - it would allow users to use native blackberry functions for email, which would be wonderful for those of us without BIS/BES.

Thanks! Liron

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    I originally designed LogicMail because I wasn't too fond of the push-only use case this implies. You have always been able to configure the BIS service to poll a POP or IMAP server and forward new messages to the on-device inbox.

    Of course building something like you suggest is technically possible. It would just require breaking out some pieces of LogicMail into a common library and writing a new application based on that library.

    Right now (in the trunk), LogicMail can be logically divided into 3 main components:

    1. E-Mail protocol implementations and connection state machine
    2. Event-driven mail object model
    3. User interface

    (there is also some configuration and utility code, not included above)

    The solution you suggest could be built off of part 1, along with some configuration-oriented pieces of the user interface. However, I personally only have time for so many things. Since the project is open-source, anyone interested is of course welcome to give it a try.

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      configure the BIS service to poll a POP or IMAP server

      The thing that has always griped me about the external server IMAP polling is that it uses IMAP protocol but treats the mailbox like simple POP. I have never found a way with the native BB stuff to see anything other than the INBOX. Yawn.

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        I'm amazed at just how many lightweight e-mail clients seem to do this, actually. Its especially horrible on mobile devices, since POP cannot be very well optimized for bandwidth constraints.