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can only connect to imap server via wifi, not 3g


I can use logicmail to access my imap server only when using a wifi connection on my bb bold. when I try to use my 3g connection (which works for internet browsing, for example), I get "unable to reopen connection". Connection debugging didn't yield any more detailed info.

Any suggestions as to how I could troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.



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    Here's the reply I posted this question when asked on the mailing list:

    If I had to guess, it could be one of two things: 1) Incorrect "Use MDS Proxy" setting in the account configuration ("true" uses the BES network, "false" originates the connection from the device)

    2) Incorrect TCP configuration on the device. Its carrier-specific, Google dug up this quick link with detail:

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      Hmm, i'm having the same problem now. What is the secret? I am trying to also access from logicmail. Works fine over wifi, but absolutely no connection over 3G. Meanwhile all my other apps like facebook, googlemaps, browser, etc work fine on the blackberry. So I think I have the APN set properly for data access on the phone.

      I'm using the most up to date beta of logicmail and I don't see the "use MDS Proxy" setting anywhere in the configuration screens. maybe that was old version? Where can I look for that to make sure its off?

      Any other ideas?

      I also was supposing that my carrier (Smart Phillippines), has some kind of firewall blocking port 143, but just a wild guess. I tried an alternative server which is supposed to allow port 80, but still did not work. port 80