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Status of LogicMail 1.9/2.0 Build

Based on your status, it appears that you are making progress on your 2.0 release. Is this at a point where we could try it out without risk of data corruption?



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    I was just going to ask about this. :) Is there a 2.0 build available? I am using the 1.9.1 latest builds, and this app has redeemed the Blackberry for email use for me because of my usage patterns with syncing to my primary IMAP accounts both at work and at home with SSL and IMAP folders.

    The only thing it doesn't seem to do, and I hear it is coming, is either through IMAP idle (where, as I understand it, the server can ping back on that connection to indicate new email arrival) or periodic checking in the background for new messages.

    Thanks for the great work. It might even be an incentive for me to learn Java (long on my list) so I can possibly work on the codebase. I need to look at the steps to set up a build environment on Mac OS X, but I think that is doable.

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      Actually, 1.9.1 is the 2.0 build. (or specifically "trunk" in the repository) I won't bump the version number all the way to 2.0 until an actual release.

      It also actually does do IMAP IDLE already. Well, sort of. It goes into IMAP IDLE mode on an open connection when you're not doing anything network-wise. But I haven't yet written the logic to actually re-open the connection in the background, and make sure the server is polled when you're not using the app. (So technically its there, but the complete desired functionality isn't finished.)

      Right now the only platform its worth your time to setup a development environment on is MS Windows. Hopefully RIM will change that this year, but they haven't let out anything interesting since some hints at DevCon'09.

      You can setup build environments on other platforms (my build server is Solaris), but you really do not want to do active development without the full toolset. Though if you really want to get technical, these are the pieces of the toolset that are Windows-dependent:

      • Hard-coded backslashes in some of the build tools (can be fixed with a Java class editor, less of a problem with newer BB OS tools)
      • JNI hooks in the Eclipse plug-in for USB on-device debugging (can live without, if the error messages don't break things)
      • Simulator is a Win32 app (and it only works well enough in Wine to convince you that it can be used that way, not well enough to actually be taken seriously)