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2007-10-21 CruiseControl Build

(I realize I'm playing with volatile code, but I'm not sure how to tell if a CC build is supposed to be in working condition or not?)

This build is non-op on my device - I made sure to uninstall/reinstall and enter all new account info, that's not it. According to my IMAP logs I'm not even getting a proper login, there's no entry in my files that a connection attempt is ever making it.

What I see is: add account, select account and enter password - a second screen comes up briefly (Folders? too fast, can't tell) and then immediately goes to Inbox and does a quick 'refreshing messages' popup but no messages are actually displayed. Using ESC key to go back to folders actually goes all the way back to the account screen (so no folder screen access).

I see where the new code is going you're working on - are the cruisecontrol builds just automatic whenever new code is committed, or are they user-initiated when you think you have good code? (if it's the former I'll stop posting any msgs about stuff like this)

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    CruiseControl builds happen automatically when I check new code in. I also tend to commit while working on things, to make it easier to share between multiple computers. Once I'm done rewriting the configuration system and object serialization infrastructure, it should stabilize :-)