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LogicMail without a simm card or contract

Is it possible to use LogicMail on a Blackberry device that is unlocked without a simm card. I can surf the web (via wifi) without any problems but would like to send and receive emails from my gmail and earthlink accounts. Is there something specific needed in the apn. Or is this a feature that will be added later to LogicMail. I can do this on an jailbroken iphone without any problems. You would think this should be possible on the blackberry as well.

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    Yes, LogicMail works just fine via WiFi on a BlackBerry without a SIM card. Just go into "Configuration -> Global settings" and set "WiFi mode" to "Always".

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      Thanks this is great at least I can send and recieve emails now. A couple other questions:

      1. Is there a way to make Logicmail the default mail client? I'd like to be able to send pictures with my emails.
      2. Also it looks like it won't recieve emailed pictures either. IS this going to be added in 2.0?
      3. Will there be an option to leave messages on the server or delete them. Actually it looks like it's setup to leave them there as is but if you delete from the in box it deletes it on the server. Is there a way to just delete them from the inbox screen and still leave them on the server. I have several computers and I like getting all the messages from the server on all the computers.
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        Answers below:

        1. There is no way to make it the default client, and it does not currently integrate with any other software on the device. Currently, this would be a nice-to-have for 2.0, but not high on the list of other things I don't have enough time to get done. But someday a little more integration might get added.
        1. LogicMail can currently receive and display (to a limited extent) picture attachments. You just have to go into the Global settings and set the message size limits to be big enough that they'll make it through. Of course more complete attachment support will be in 2.0
        1. LogicMail 1.x does not store any message data locally, so the question is irrelevant. For 2.0, this may be a consideration for POP, but not as much for IMAP. (though right now I'm mostly IMAP-focused as far as design is concerned, and IMAP expects clients to just show what's on the server, and for all mail to remain on the server)