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Bold 9700 and Hotmail

I've got this set up and working with an IMAP account of mine, but Hotmail will not work. I initially installed the old version of Logicmail on my phone and was able to download/view my Hotmail inbox, but there was no option to send email. I then deleted it and downloaded/installed the latest version of Logicmail for 4.5 and higher. All is functional with IMAP, but Hotmail gives me error. The first error I got was "ERR (something)" Now I get "Tunnel Failure" I've tried several configurations of the settings and also checked my APN settings, all are what they should be. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Terry

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    Using LogicMail on my BB9700 as well. Have it connecting to a personal pop server. It doesn't seem to download messages to the BB, need to connect each time I want to see or read any messages.

    Maybe the new version doesn't like our phone?

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      Version 1.x doesn't store any message data locally. Development version 1.9.1.x does cache message data on the device, but it also tries to connect and synchronize the cache whenever you open a folder. This is a process that obviously still needs a little bit of work, along with the implementation of background server-checking code which I have yet to write.

      Of course any connection errors are the result of either a configuration problem, or a bug in LogicMail itself. If its a bug, it may have been fixed since then, so testing with recent code is always worth a shot.