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Analytics Information

As of 2.1 (build 26) LogicMail now contains support for the  BlackBerry Analytics service. Since the open-source world is often weary of any application that tracks user activity, this page will attempt to document everything LogicMail is actually tracking through this service.

Library integration

  • Website:  BlackBerry Analytics
  • Library version: v0.9.2 Beta
  • Opt-out capability: There is a checkbox on both the accept-license screen and the global configuration screen

Collected data

All the collected data is fully anonymized. While the service does generate unique IDs for each device, there is no way to track these IDs back to user identities. Furthermore, any data actually collected will be listed here. If there is any doubt, the code is available for all to see.


  • Startup
  • Shutdown
  • Foreground (UiApplication.activate())
  • Background (UiApplication.deactivate())


Note: If a screen uses a click or hotkey to perform the same action as a menu item, that click or hotkey is also tracked


  • All
    • BC: App-wide menu items: config, about, close, exit
  • MailHomeScreen
    • BC: selectFolder - Default action on most items
    • BC: sendUnsent - Sends unsent items if the Outbox is highlighted
    • BC: refreshStatus - Account-level "Refresh status"
    • BC: refreshFolders - Account-level "Refresh folders"
    • BC: composition - "Compose E-Mail"
    • BC: disconnect
  • MailboxScreen
    • BC: composition - "Compose E-Mail"
    • BC: requestMoreMessages - "Load more messages..." item
    • See MessageActions
  • MessageScreen
    • ME: displayableContent - Tracks MIME type of displayed message content
    • ME: attachmentField - Tracks MIME type of message attachments
    • ME: attachmentDownload - Tracks MIME type of downloaded attachments
    • BC: composition - "Compose E-Mail"
    • BC: saveAttachment - Saves the selected message attachment
    • See MessageActions
  • CompositionScreen
    • See MessageActions
  • MessageActions - Common message actions provided on different screens depending on context/applicability
    • BC: openMessage - Opens the selected message, typically a default MailboxScreen action
    • BC: openMessageProperties - Opens the message Properties dialog
    • BC: deleteMessage - Marks the message as deleted
    • BC: undeleteMessage - Removes the deleted flag from a message
    • BC: replyMessage - Opens the composition screen to reply to the current message
    • BC: replyAllMessage - Opens the composition screen to reply to all recipients of the current message
    • BC: forwardMessage - Opens the composition screen to forward the current message
    • BC: copyToMailbox - Opens the dialog for copying the message to another folder
    • BC: moveToMailbox - Opens the dialog for moving the message to another folder
    • BC: sendMessage - Sends the message currently being composed