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     1= Contact Information = 
     3If you are having an issue with LogicMail, '''''please''''' do not immediately E-Mail me as your first action.  Instead, do the following: 
     4 * Check the [wiki:setup10 Setup Guide] 
     5 * Check the [wiki:faq Frequently Asked Questions] list 
     6 * Check the [forum:2 Discussion forums] 
     7 * Check the '''[ logicmail-users]''' mailing list [ archive] 
     9If you still want to write an E-Mail, and it doesn't contain any private information, please send it to the above mailing list or discussion forums.  That way others can help too, and any responses will be made available to the next person with a similar issue.  The mailing list is moderated however, so if you don't join the list then I do have to confirm your first message.  Sorry, but this is necessary to prevent spam from clogging it up. 
     11When you do explain your issue, please take care to provide any and all relevant information about your configuration, network settings, what version you are running, and what you've already tried. 
     13Of course you're still welcome to E-Mail me directly for questions or comments about the project, but please consider the above methods first for support issues. 
     15Derek Konigsberg <{{{}}}>